Thursday, March 15, 2012

•not leaves•

Found these little guys huddled in the corner. The count is up to six, since 9am! xox


  1. 1) ANNA!!!!!!!! (Wow, you probably think I fell off the face of the earth...expect some email.)

    2) Froggles? Or toadles? It's pathetic that I don't know. I'd have guessed toadles based on the fact that we live in Davis, but...maybe froggles? Whatever they are, they're very lively around my house right now--there's been much chirping and ribbitting all evening, and with a drainage pond just the other side of the fence from my bedroom, I predict a noisy/musical summer of froggle/toadle sounds.

  2. oh man. somehow, "oh man" (in a marvelling way) is the response that shot to mind (even though I found it really annoying a couple weeks ago when N kept using that phrase). That is a great picture. They do look like blown, swept, dustbowl era hideaways. Brings to mind my own nice frog-find memories. Once, bright moist electric green on the white porcelain toilet tank. No photo. Still want to get together with the boys! Nico had tons of snot last weekend... maybe soon? tomorrow?

  3. Soon! Yes! Toilet tank. xox