Thursday, December 29, 2011

Small Stones Blogroll Update

Alright, Small Stones participants. As it turns out, I'll be putting together the blogroll for the whole event--not just a little blogroll here at HAMAMA (though, maybe I'll do that as well? we shall see...) The blogroll for the entire event can be found at the Writing Our Way Home blog.

If you're planning to participate by writing small stones on your blog during January (either on your regular blog or one that you create specially for this project) and you'd like to be added to the blogroll, please send me a brief email with your URL at this address:

Thanks, and happy noticing and writing!


  1. Hello Amy and Lis
    I noticed your sidebar filled with toddlerblog, and smiled. I occasionally post random comments from our number 3 son on my blog. Children seem to instinctively know how to NOTICE things don’t they?

  2. I popped over from Fiona and Kaspa's place to say 'hi'. I tried to get going on this last July but life got in the way. Hoping to be more successful this time. I love your toddlerblog. Aren't kids amazing. Thanks for doing a blog roll. I'll be emailing you shortly :-)

  3. What is the difference between The River and a blog roll? Frankly I wasn't too impressed with the blog roll that reformatted verse so that even words were seperated and the flow of everything was askew. Will that change with how you do the blog roll? I enjoy going to The River and clicking on the different entries. Will that contiue?

  4. Wow! This is fantastic!! I have "been in the river" for a year now and this is a wonderful idea.Look forward to seeing you in the river! Now to go explore the rest of your blog. Let me know if there is anyway I can help.

  5. This blog is wonderful, and I get a kick out of the Toddlerblog... my 3 year-old son has some doozies, and I love that you are capturing these adorable moments.

    I wil be sending you an email with my blog link!

    Thanks for doing this,


  6. Hi all! Thanks for the nice comments--it's lovely to see you here (and yes, Lis's Toddlerblog and her content-generating toddler are both marvelous, aren't they?).

    Jules, I'm not sure what you're referring to as "the River"? A blogroll is a list of blogs that runs along the side of a blog, and it's constantly updating itself as people add new content. Whichever blog has most recently been updated automatically runs at the top of the blogroll. You can't actually read content on the blogroll (I wonder if you're not thinking of some variety of feed reader? Those can distort the formatting of content sometimes).

    But a blog roll is simply a list of blog names, and (in this case) the title of the most recent entry. It's a great way to dip into the many, many blogs participating in this project, and to find new blogs you might not otherwise have known about. If you go over to the Writing Our Way Home blog, you'll see the blogroll I'm setting up running down the right-hand side of the page. I hope that answers the question!

  7. I would love to be a part of the small stones experience and have my blog added to WOWH side bar. Will drop you an e-mail asap!
    It's lovely to meet you *waves*
    Have an AWESOME New Year!


  8. Amy,
    Thanks for clearing that up. I was thinking of the distorted thingy. The River is , which I quess has a blog roll as well - which is where I found you. Oh I just found me over there to my left, which may not be there in that same spot another time - so I quess I am already in! Yeah. I haven't gotton to the WOWH blog yet - Thank you for helping with the 2012 AROS project. There is so much to learn. While I have had my blog page set up for The River - I am still 'green' concerning the world of 'blogging'.

    I also enjoy reading the toddler blog - but now I'm doing 'that' from the 'grama' side. Son of Son, whom I sometimes post about is about 19 months. Happy New Year! Peace and blessings for you and yours. ~JulesPaige (at WOWH)

  9. Much appreciation to you for doing the blogroll! I am really enjoying it. Happy January! Laura Hoopes

  10. Amy, you were right. I HA'd blog creation in less than 5 minutes (with a slight delay to think of a name). Here it is, for the River. There are no stones in it yet...

  11. Thanks for adding the trial blog to the list. I've gotten 2 stones in my notebook... I will upload them to the new blog experiment soon (I hope). Unfortunately I haven't had a computer available lately... only STephen's before & after he goes to work...